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4808 Siskin Ct.

Sacramento, CA 95842


"I have all the aspirations in the world on becoming among the world's most recognized cartoon art/design houses. A dream catcher does not prevent bad dreams, it merely protects the spirit from long term negative effects of them. The dream catcher is recognizable in nearly all my art. In doing so, I am sharring peace, strength, and awareness along the way." I offer gifts in my Art Shop for just about every age group, because I want to share peace world wide, and what better way! "With a Mosqueda Farms beautifully crafted painting hung on your wall, It no doubt ably will bring you joy".

  site artist-publisher: Anthony Mosqueda  I Anthony Steven Mosqueda,  was born on July 25, 1982 in Sacramento California,  I have always hade my eyes open to all forms of Art.  (Open, Admiring, Appreciating).  Anthony's Art Gallery, dates back as far as 1999.  With a hopeful possibility of even locating some grade school art as well.  

  This idea of showcasing my portfolio,  with the possibility of turning the corner to Mosqueda Farms aspirations,  began at the start of covid Stay home orders.  I took this whole change of pace narrative and applied My self to try to be relaxed,  mentally stimulated,  and I would love to say happy,  but that's a full story in it's self.

  My Story,  my story couldn't be told without the mention of.  Addiction,  a sprinkle Lawlessness,  and a whole bunch of Spite,  it's sad to say.  I have grown along the way in all three avenues.  My Story hast to mention my son.  The most difficult rewarding,  and challenging relationship, "that's everchanging!"  I can only hope one day it will be easy to know and say the right thing.  

Technician- Artist

Painting of me
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